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Flying with a Disability

Flying with a disability need be no more difficult than without one, whether you are off across the country or headed around the world. In fact, considering how far it can be between security and the gate, you may just be the envy of all those able-bodied folks that are tugging and toting as they walk what seems like miles and miles to catch their flight.

Sure there are a few extra things to consider and a phone call or two to make special arrangements but once you do that you will be treated like royalty from gate to the plane and back again. If you use a cane, walker, manual wheelchair or power scooter, the tips and strategies in this section will have you flying high with a smile on your face. Now all you need to do is dream a little and decide where you want to go.

"I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand... Adventure is a state of mind - and spirit."  ~  Jacqueline Cochran

Air Travel
A check file organizer keeps travel documents handy
  For long trips, use a check file organizer with divider tabs to keep all your travel information...

Travel information sheet reassures those with poor short term memory
  If someone you love forgets or is unsure in unfamiliar travel situations, create a "cheat sheet."

Travel tip - pack a small bag with meds, snacks, etc.
  If you have a disability, or even if you don't, be prepared for delays while traveling.

Use an e-ticket for flying if you are a disabled traveler
  E-tickets offer many advantages to the traveler with a disability.

Travel with premoistened towelettes
  Whenever you travel, take along a full box of tissues and a box of premoistened towelettes.They...

Support your head and neck with a travel pillow
  To support your head while recovering, resting, or traveling, use a travel pillow to prevent your...

ADA: Wheelchair Service at Airports
  The Americans for Disabilities Act requires airlines to provide wheelchair escorts for people with disabilities. Find out more...

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