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Need a Little Inspiration?

We ALL need a little inspiration sometimes!

When you are feeling low, when you are all alone, when you do not know where to turn or how you will go on, a lyric, a song, a beautiful image may be all you need to get out of the doldrums, reaffirm the value of who you are, and encourage you to hang in there. If you need a little inspiration, take a stroll through our collection of inspiring words and videos.

Perhaps you have a piece of music that takes you away, a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that reminds you to be grateful for what you have, or a story that has helped you learn an important lesson. If so, please consider sharing your touching, poignant, healing, motivational videos, pictures, and stories with others who need a little inspiration. Click here to submit.


 Imagine - Song Without Voices

Watch this video of a deaf choir inspiring their hearing counterparts to sing with their hands and voices. So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.


 Amazing Amputee Dancers

Before you say, I can't; watch these amazing dancers, who just happen to be amputees, proving that when the spirit says dance, the body will follow. I found their dance inspiring, and hope you do as well.


 Feet Pianist Liu Wei

Liu was thrust into the limelight when he performed on "China's Got Talent". "Whatever other people do with their hands, I do with my feet. It's just that," says Liu. Let us all try to share in the "It's Just That" attitude :)


 Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity

This is a bit long, but to hear Aimee, model and competitive athlete, who just happens to be a double amputee, articulate her points about how society views "disability" is an inspiration in itself. One reviewer stated that "Her name should be committed to a dictionary to mean "a state of positive attitude necessary to adapt and deal effectively with adversity." I couldn't agree more!


 The Power of Words

  Watch this short but moving video about how changing our view of a disability can change someone's life.


Finding Joy Movie

Watching and listening to this beautiful movie can help us remember what really matters and the importance of those sacred moments.

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