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Staying Involved in Your Life

Having a chronic illness or disability that limits  your ability to get out of the house and interact with others can be very isolating. We are here to tell you that regardless of your disability there are ways to have a very active life, within your circle of family and friends as well as in the larger community you live in. Classes, volunteering, fund raising, outings to museums or art functions, adaptive sports opportunities all offer ways to expand your horizons and stay involved in your life and the lives of those you love. Peruse this section for more tips and strategies for staying involved.

"No man is an Island, entire of itself..."  ~  John Donne

Staying Involved
Creating a Happy Life - Newsletter
  When I was diagnosed with MS, I was determined NOT to let it change my life...read about how I create a happy life despite limitations.

Giving Yourself Away
  When you're diagnosed with a chronic illness, it changes your life — FOREVER! What do you do about that? Shelley Peterman Schwarz doesn't want you to pull inside yourself and mope in an ever shrinking..

Let Your Sun Shine - Newsletter
  I love it when the sun shines in the winter. A dose of sunshine does wonders for my mood and energy. Read about other strategies I use to stay motivated when it is cold outside and I’m stuck indoors.

Judy's Birthday
  I'm not sure exactly how or when I met Judy. All I know is that when she entered my life, a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds. Read how this wonderful friend helped me to embrace life again.

Feet Pianist Liu Wei - Video
  Liu was thrust into the limelight when he performed on "China's Got Talent". "Whatever other people do with their hands, I do with my feet. It's just that," says Liu. Let us all try to share in the "I..

Keep memory active - read with friend
  Keep your memory active by reviewing the day's news events...

Use gestures to help you communicate
  If you have trouble making yourself understood, because of a weak voice, a speech or...

Amazing Amputee Dancers - Video
  Watch this video of a deaf choir inspiring their hearing counterparts to sing with their hands and voices. So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

Plant a trellis or container garden
  Exercise your green thumb by planting a few of your favorite things in a trellis or...

Garden in raised beds
  If you use a wheelchair or painful conditions make it difficult to get up and down...

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