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Staying Positive

When a life of illness and disability pushes you down, how do you find a way to stay up? The staff of Meeting Life's Challenges, LLC all have their own ways of taking the lemons of life and making lemonade. We hope you find a few tips and strategies to help you maintain a positive attitude when life gets you down.

"A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug."  ~  Patricia Neal

Staying Positive
Forgiveness Can Bring Healing - Newsletter
  Frustration and anger are often a part of life both for the one with a chronic illness or disability and family members. Read Shelley's letter to a mother recommending forgiveness to defuse the anger.

Creating a Happy Life - Newsletter
  When I was diagnosed with MS, I was determined NOT to let it change my life...read about how I create a happy life despite limitations.

Giving Yourself Away
  When you're diagnosed with a chronic illness, it changes your life — FOREVER! What do you do about that? Shelley Peterman Schwarz doesn't want you to pull inside yourself and mope in an ever shrinking..

Losing My Right Hand - Newsletter
  I lost my right hand! No, not literally my "hand-hand," but figuratively my "right hand," colleague and assistant, Deborah. Read about my strategies for living and working while she is away.

Let Your Sun Shine - Newsletter
  I love it when the sun shines in the winter. A dose of sunshine does wonders for my mood and energy. Read about other strategies I use to stay motivated when it is cold outside and I’m stuck indoors.

Is Multiple Sclerosis a Blessing?
  If you're wondering what's good about having MS, let me try to explain my philosophy. I feel lucky to have learned at a younger age that life has no guarantees. Bad things can and do happen to good..

Great Truths About Growing Old
  Growing up is mandatory; growing old is optional. Read more truths...

Great Truths Adults Have Learned:
  Life is a series of lessons. Enjoy these adult insights on life.

Finding Joy Movie - Video
  Watching and listening to this beautiful movie can help us remember what really matters and the importance of those sacred moments.

Great Truths Little Children Have Learned
  Enjoy this wisdom from the younger set...

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