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Strategies for Living
Use sticky notes, (like Post-it® Notes) as reminders for EVERYTHING


Ever since those self-stick (Post-it®) notes were put on the market, I've found dozens of uses for them:

  • When you're scheduled to go to a special event where you might want to take pictures, put a reminder sticky note on the back of the door so you don't forget to take your camera. 
  • Put assorted notes on the back of the door before you leave town so you remember to set-back the thermostat, take out the garbage and check to see that all the appliances are turned off.
  • If you make a dentist or doctor's appointment for one of your children, put a note on the mirror in their bedroom to let them know.
  • If you want to remember to make a long distance "Happy Birthday" call after dinner, put a note on the TV screen so you are sure to see it when you turn on the TV.
  • Use self-stick notes for bookmarks and to make notes for clarification or reference.
  • When reading a book to a child, use a sticky note as a bookmark, it will not fall out of place like a traditional bookmark.
  • To keep track of articles in professional journals and magazines, use colored notes as bookmarks. Pink for articles on computer technology, blue for recipes, etc. With this system you can quickly locate the types of articles you're looking for.
  • When reading something, whether at work or for pleasure, and you're interrupted, find your place more easily by placing a sticky note on the part of the page where you stopped reading. In a long document or book, you can let a corner of the note stick out to find the page more easily.
  • Stay on task! When working on a something and an unrelated thought pops into your mind, write it on a sticky note that you can attend to when your current task is completed.
  • Keep sticky notes on the refrigerator and use them to write your grocery list.
  • Keep a pack in the car (with a pencil) and write notes on them to help you remember errands, appointments, and schedules. Stick notes on the visor so they are easily seen.
  • Give sticky notes as little gifts. You can purchase the notes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some have funny sayings, cartoon characters, or can be personalized with the person's name.

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