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8 Tips for a Healthier Home
  Studies have shown that our homes can be many times more polluted than outside. Here are a few Tips for Making Life Easierâ„¢ from Shelley Peterman Schwarz to make your home, cleaner and healthier.

AutoMate cleans the air in your car
  If you have asthma, a respiratory illness, or chemical sensitivity, a negative ion air filter…

Clean your pet with ionic brush
  Use an ionic brush for "non-allergenic" pet grooming

Moisturize bath and body with olive oil
  If you are chemically sensitive, olive oil, purported to be the closest thing to human skin oils...

Remove adhesive labels or stickers with mayonnaise
  To remove persistent adhesives from mirrors, glass, or chrome without noxious fumes...

Groom pets with lint roller
  If your pet sheds all over but shies away from a brush or comb, try using a lint roller...

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