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Universal Design & Disability

 Tips on Accessibility from Meeting Lifes Challenges

By incorporating accessibility features into the overall design of the home in a tasteful and barely perceivable way, Universal Design allows use by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. Learn more about this design philosophy and how it can make your next apartment, home or remodel better whether you are young with children, elderly wishing to stay in your home, or disabled.

For more tips on making your home more accessible,  look for Shelley's book, "Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier," available online or at a library or  bookstore near you.

Universal Design Tips & Products
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8 Tips for a Healthier Home
  Studies have shown that our homes can be many times more polluted than outside. Here are a few Tips ..

Good lighting reduces fatigue and the risk of accidents.
  Good under-cabinet lighting reduces fatigue in the kitchen...

Remove adhesive labels or stickers with mayonnaise
  To remove persistent adhesives from mirrors, glass, or chrome without noxious fumes...

Replace standard light switches with lighted ones
  To find the light switch in a dark room, replace regular switches with...

10 Tips for Making Life Easier™ – Preventing Falls
  For older adults, falls often lead to giving up living independently. Firmly believing that an ounce..

Show all family members where the main water shut off valve is located
  Show all family members where the main water shut-off valve is located

6 Tips for an Accessible Bathroom
  Simple ways to make your bathroom more accessible and useable by someone with a disability.

Shutting off the electricity in your home
  Show family members where the fuse box or circuit breaker is located in your home

12 Fire Safety Tips
  Prevent fires in the home with these 12 tips from Shelley Peterman Schwarz and her local fire depart..

10 Things to Do BEFORE Leaving on Vacation
  Shelley Peterman Schwarz shares her list of things to do before you leave on vacation so you will no..

Winter Safety – Preventing Falls
  For older adults, falls often lead to giving up living independently. Here are a few ways to reduce ..

Fire Prevention Week - Teach Fire Safety at Home
  It's Fire Prevention Week. Shelley Peterman Schwarz shares ways to prevent fires and what to in case..

Use plastic clothes baskets as toy boxes
  Plastic clothes baskets are lightweight and inexpensive "toy chests."

Replace lightbulbs before winter arrives
  Change lightbulbs BEFORE they burn out.

Mark hot water faucet with a dab of red polish
  Remembering which is the hot water faucet

Keep children and confused adults from getting locked in
  Take a piece of tape and put it...

Use dishwashing liquid to get unstuck
  When you get into a tight situation, dishwashing liquid may help you "get unstuck."

Use your car's key fob to summon help
  Activating the car alarm on your key fob will scare away intruders.

Keep your address and phone number affixed to each phone in your home
  Keep your address and phone number affixed to each phone

Before leaving on trip double check all doors are locked
  Before traveling, double check that all the doors and windows are locked.

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