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Using a Car with a Disability - Tips & Products
Tips and Products for Activities from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Whether you are a driver or a passenger with a disability, the tips and products in this section will make driving and getting into and out of the car easier and safer.

Tips & Products: Cars & Driving
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AutoMate cleans the air in your car
  If you have asthma, a respiratory illness, or chemical sensitivity, a negative ion air filter…

Stay warm when traveling with electric car blanket
  Use a specially designed electric car blanket for extra warmth in the car

Slide onto the seat in your car more easily
  Over-the-seat plastic car seat covers can make getting into your car easier.

ADA: Full Service at the Gas Pump
  Did you know that if you have a disability you can get full service at the gas station for the self ..

No start car battery switch provides peace of mind
  Convincing a loved one that it is unsafe to drive is often a challenging task. By attaching the No

Auxiliary Blind Spot Mirror
  The Auxiliary Blind Spot Mirror attaches to the top of your side view mirror to give you ...

Driveway Mirror
   Get a better view of what's behind you when backing out of your garage or driveway ...

Panoramic Rear View Mirror
  Make it easier and safer to change lanes, merge, and exit highways with this distortion-free...

Eyewear clip keeps sunglasses handy in your car
  This soft foam lined clip holds your glasses securely out of harms way. Clip to visor, belt, pocket

Precision Blind Spot Rearview Mirror
  This convex, safety glass mirror is is 15 1/4 wide giving you the largest, widest view ...

Use your car's key fob to summon help
  Activating the car alarm on your key fob will scare away intruders.

Adjust your side mirrors to reduce or eliminate blind spots
  If due to the effects of arthritis, neck or back pain, or just getting older, you find turning your

Drivease supports leg and back on long trips
  To reduce leg and back pain on long-distance drives or commutes, Drivease, a simple, but effective

Sheepskin Seatbelt Cover
  If you find wearing a seatbelt uncomfortable due to sensitive skin, body pain, or a pace maker, thi

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