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Dressing and Grooming - Tips & Products
Tips and Products for Activities from Meeting Lifes Challenges

When you cannot reach or stand, or you have little or no use of your hands or arms, getting dressed and taking care of personal hygiene can be challenging. This section provides tips and unique projects for making dressing and grooming with a disability easier.

For more tips on dressing and grooming, click on Personal Care & Comfort in our Top Tips section.

Tips & Products: Dressing & Grooming
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Sun Precautions® clothing protects sun sensitive skin
  For sun sensitive people, whether fair skinned or due to medication side effects...

SPF® sun protective clothing
  If you or someone you love has experienced skin cancer, you know the importance of

Attach earrings to watchband when traveling
  When traveling, attach your earrings to your watchband to make sure...

Adaptive clothing resources for people with disabilities
  When you cannot button buttons, reach behind you to close a zipper, or...

Keep warm, dry off, or lounge in Change-A-Robe™
  Change-A-Robe™ is a hooded, poncho style robe that is roomy, easy to put on, and large enough...

Helping toddlers dress
  Give a toddler something small to hold.

10 Tips for Making Dressing Easier
  Dressing tips for people with the use of only one hand, limited reach, or difficulty gripping or gra..

Use an automatic faucet control device to turn water on/off easily
  People who have trouble turning a faucet on or remembering to turn the water off might try...

Wash your underarm when your shoulder is immobilized using a tongue depressor & washcloth
  To wash under your arms when your shoulder is immobilized, try this:...

Remove tight rings with lip balm
  If you have swollen hands or knuckles and need to remove your ring(s), apply a little lip balm...

In an emergency, use pantyhose as a tourniquet or sling
  Pantyhose can serve many uses in an emergency -- a pressure bandage to stop bleeding, a support wra

Quick cleanups with premoistened towelettes
  Keep a container of moist towelettes, like baby wipes, handy and use them...

Polish your fingernails even with weak or contracted fingers
  Lay a large, cylindrical bottle of lotion or shampoo on its side and gently drape hand and fingers o..

Wear swimming goggles when washing hair
  If someone you care for hates to get his hair washed, have him wear a pair of swim goggles so...

Remove mascara smudges and groom eyebrows with lip balm
  If you smudge your eye makeup while you are away from home, lip balm may...

Keep a nylon stocking in your first aid kit
  Keep an old, clean nylon stocking or pair of pantyhose in your first aid kit to act as an emergency

Remove gum from hair with mayonnaise
  If you or your child get chewing gum stuck in your/their hair, rub a little mayonnaise into...

Remove eye makeup with baby oil
  If you use eye makeup, an inexpensive remover is baby oil. Apply the oil to lashes on both eyes...

Keep urinary tract infections in check with premoistened towelettes
  Anatomy makes females prone to urinary tract infections. One way to keep infections in check

Knowing your "colors" makes clothes shopping easier
  Shop with a friend who wears the same size you do. And,

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