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Leisure & Adaptive Recreation - Tips & Products
Tips and Products for Activities from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Just because you have a chronic illness or disability does not mean you cannot have fun. As the old adage says, "All work and no play..." makes one dull. In this section you will find tips and products to enjoy your leisure time.

Tips & Products: Leisure & Recreation
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12 Active Things to Do with Someone with a Disability
  Adaptive sports and equipment make it possible for people with chronic illness, aging limitations, a..

Keep memory active - read with friend
  Keep your memory active by reviewing the day's news events...

Special glasses allow you to read while lying flat
  When you have to lie flat in bed, reading for any length of time...

Active Things to Do with Someone with a Disability
  People with disabilities can now be more active than ever before. Here are a few activities that may..

Plant a trellis or container garden
  Exercise your green thumb by planting a few of your favorite things in a trellis or...

Thermoelectric cooler keeps food cool without ice
  Coleman and other camper supply companies now manufacture a cooler that plugs into your vehicle's li..

Garden in raised beds
  If you use a wheelchair or painful conditions make it difficult to get up and down...

Use self-watering pots in your home or in the garden
  If you can�t water your plants every day, Gardener�s Supply Company offers unique self-watering pot

Order sample issue to try new magazine
  Order sample issue to try new magazine

Federal Lands Access Pass for People with Disabilities
  Love the outdoors? People with disabilities gain FREE access with a National Parks and Federal Recre..

Talking newspapers for low-vision readers
  NFB-NEWSLINE® allows those who cannot read conventional newsprint to "read" newspapers...

Use a coffee cup or mug as a digging tool in the garden
  If you have trouble grasping or holding traditional garden tools, try using a coffee cup or...

Cabin in the Woods
  People with severe disabilities CAN go camping! Shelley Peterman Schwarz shows you how...

Accessible Camping: Packing List
  Camping in an accessible cabin gives people with a disability a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. ..

Turning the page in a book more easily
  Use the eraser end of a pencil to turn the pages in a book.

Make page turning easier and safer
  Three simple ideas can make page turning easier

Mark your trowel for easy planting.
  If your garden trowel doesn't already have planting depth markings on the blade...

An Accessible Camping Trip
   Shelley Peterman Schwarz, severely disabled with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, encourages..

Adaptive Recreation Programs for people with disabilities
  Adaptive recreation opportunities abound. Contact your local parks and recreation agency for details..

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