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Personal Care and Comfort - Tips & Products
Tips and Products for Activities from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Staying warm, staying cool, and staying comfortable when you are sitting, lying in bed, or sleeping are important when you have chronic pain, arthritis, are confined to bed, or dealing with a disability or age related limitation that saps your strength and energy. Find tips and products in this section that will help you find comfortable ways to take care of your self.

Tips & Products: Personal Care & Comfort
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Special pillow brings comfort
  For comfort on the go, take a special pillow from home because it may help you sleep better...

Soak away fatigue with aroma therapy or bath salts
  Soaking in a tub of hot water can drain away fatigue. Try these tips...

Travel with premoistened towelettes
  Whenever you travel, take along a full box of tissues and a box of premoistened towelettes.They...

Avoid injury - take a break from the computer
  Reduce fatigue, repetitive strain injuries, myopia, and other computer use conditions by...

Stay warm when traveling with electric car blanket
  Use a specially designed electric car blanket for extra warmth in the car

Support your head and neck with a travel pillow
  To support your head while recovering, resting, or traveling, use a travel pillow to prevent your...

Eliminate wrist strain while using a computer mouse
  To eliminate wrist strain and make using a computer mouse easier, use an ergonomic mouse pad...

Getting more rest during your hospital stay
  Many times it is difficult to get the rest you need while you are in the hospital. Try these two tip..

Keep warm, dry off, or lounge in Change-A-Robe™
  Change-A-Robe™ is a hooded, poncho style robe that is roomy, easy to put on, and large enough...

Wash your underarm when your shoulder is immobilized using a tongue depressor & washcloth
  To wash under your arms when your shoulder is immobilized, try this:...

Remove tight rings with lip balm
  If you have swollen hands or knuckles and need to remove your ring(s), apply a little lip balm...

Quick cleanups with premoistened towelettes
  Keep a container of moist towelettes, like baby wipes, handy and use them...

Polish your fingernails even with weak or contracted fingers
  Lay a large, cylindrical bottle of lotion or shampoo on its side and gently drape hand and fingers o..

Ask for devices that will make hospital stay more comfortable
  236 When you are in the hospital, there are several devices that may make your stay more comforta

Clear the air with personal air cleaner
  If you have asthma or are chemically sensitive, a personal air filter may help you to get out and a

Keep urinary tract infections in check with premoistened towelettes
  Anatomy makes females prone to urinary tract infections. One way to keep infections in check

Support a patient's head with a travel pillow
  To support the head of those with weak necks or little control over neck muscles...

Relax with seed filled eye pillow
  If you have to have an MRI or other test that will have you anxious or lying down for a long time,

To stay warm when you return to bed throw covers back on bed
  If you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night, get out and leave the covers on the bed a

Water activated baseball cap keeps you cool.
  This attractive cooling ball cap uses water activated materials to keep you cool when it is hot outs..

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