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Pets and Service Animals - Tips & Products
Tips and Products for Activities from Meeting Lifes Challenges


"Man's best friend" (a dog, cat, or other pet) makes life more enjoyable, especially for those who are coping chronic illness, disability, or aging. Whether your pet is just there to love and be loved or they are a trained, working service animal, here are a few tips and products for making living with an animal easier.

Tips & Products: Pets & Service Animals
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Feed your pet without bending
  If you have poor balance, a spinal cord injury, or mobility disability, or just find it difficult to..

Use an Automatic Pet Feeder to reduce the need for bending
  If bending to fill your pet's food or water dish is an issue, purchase an inexpensive automatic pet ..

Use rubber gloves to remove pet hair
  Remove pet hair from furniture, car seats, and clothing with damp rubber gloves...

Play fetch with your dog when you have a disability
  Playing with "man's" best friend can be easier

Clean your pet with ionic brush
  Use an ionic brush for "non-allergenic" pet grooming

Pets Are Wonderful
  For people with disabilities or those over 60, owning and caring for a pet can contribute to a healt..

Groom pets with lint roller
  If your pet sheds all over but shies away from a brush or comb, try using a lint roller...

Easy throw pet products from Canine Hardware
  Pet products for people with a mobility disability, limited range of motion, or difficulty bending o..

Hydro Bowl collapsing bowl for pets
  Take a collapsible bowl to keep your pet or service animal well watered when you are out and about.

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