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Traveling with a Disability - Tips & Products
Tips and Products for Activities from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Just because you use a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility device or have a disability that makes it difficult to lifts, grasp, see, hear, or communicate does not mean that you cannot travel across the country or around the world by plane, train, or automobile. If you wonder HOW???, review the tips in this section.

For more ways to make traveling with a disability easier, see the Travel section of  Top Tips

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12 Things that Make Traveling with a Disability Easier
  When you have a disability, you cannot just throw a few clothes in a suitcase, take off on vacation...

Travel with a bent neck straw
  Whenever I travel, I pack a bent neck straw. At night I put it in a glass of water on the night...

Cruise with your service dog
  If you use a service dog and are reluctant to travel, use an accessible travel that specializes...

A check file organizer keeps travel documents handy
  For long trips, use a check file organizer with divider tabs to keep all your travel information...

When traveling, tuck valuables into safe place
  When traveling, leave valuable jewelry in your safe or a discreet hiding place at home...

SPF® sun protective clothing
  If you or someone you love has experienced skin cancer, you know the importance of

Laminated all-purpose travel packing list
  Make one good general all-purpose list of the things you should pack in your suitcase...

Travel information sheet reassures those with poor short term memory
  If someone you love forgets or is unsure in unfamiliar travel situations, create a "cheat sheet."

Pack active toys when traveling by car
  When you travel by car with children or dogs, plan for active rest breaks...

Travel tip - pack a small bag with meds, snacks, etc.
  If you have a disability, or even if you don't, be prepared for delays while traveling.

Take note of what traveling companion is wearing.
  Airports, train and bus stations, ships, trains and large aircraft can be confusing places...

Attach earrings to watchband when traveling
  When traveling, attach your earrings to your watchband to make sure...

Ask for what you need when you cruise
  When you cruise, you travel in style. There are people to cater to your every need regardless of abi..

Travel with premoistened towelettes
  Whenever you travel, take along a full box of tissues and a box of premoistened towelettes.They...

Travel List - What to Pack for a Stress Free Vacation
  Traveling with a disability is easier with proper planning. Shelley Peterman Schwarz, a seasoned tr..

In an emergency, use pantyhose as a tourniquet or sling
  Pantyhose can serve many uses in an emergency -- a pressure bandage to stop bleeding, a support wra

Quick cleanups with premoistened towelettes
  Keep a container of moist towelettes, like baby wipes, handy and use them...

Bringing leftovers home from a gathering
  Keep a few small plastic food storage containers in the trunk of your car. Then if you attend...

Keep a nylon stocking in your first aid kit
  Keep an old, clean nylon stocking or pair of pantyhose in your first aid kit to act as an emergency

Airline Extend-IT� personal seat belt extenders
  http://www.extend-it.com/ If you are a larger air traveler now you can have your own FAA approve

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