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Accessible Kitchen Tips & Products

Tips on All Around the House from Meeting Lifes Challenges

The kitchen is often the heartbeat of the home. If you have a disability you want your kitchen design to allow easy movement around the room and access to appliances, counter tops, sinks, and faucets. The tips and products featured in this section will allow you to create a more accessible kitchen.

For more tips, products, and strategies for making your kitchen more accessible, see "Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier," by Shelley Peterman Schwarz, available at a library or bookstore near you or at Amazon.com.

Tips & Products: Kitchen
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Good lighting reduces fatigue and the risk of accidents.
  Good under-cabinet lighting reduces fatigue in the kitchen...

Install wrist blades on water faucets
  Separate hot and cold water knobs can be replaced with wrist blades. These...

Use an automatic faucet control device to turn water on/off easily
  People who have trouble turning a faucet on or remembering to turn the water off might try...

Bringing leftovers home from a gathering
  Keep a few small plastic food storage containers in the trunk of your car. Then if you attend...

Turn faucets on/off easier with longer kitchen lever arm faucets
  Kitchen faucets usually have longer levers, so they are easier to use in both the kitchen and...

Make it easier to squeeze a washcloth
  Choose lightweight or

Trade chores with friends
  When possible, trade chores with a friend. For example: If your friend enjoys yard work...

Protect your clothes while eating with a Gourmet Guard� napkin
  If hand tremors make it difficult to eat without spilling, a moisture-proof, disposable napkin from

Index card-important data
  Keep an index card in your purse with information such as vacuum-bag size and number, air filter di

Try storing cheeses and lunch meats together so that all the fixings for a sandwich are in one conta
  We keep our cheeses and lunch meat in a covered flat plastic container. All the fixings for lunche

Give favorite recipes to friends to prepare meals for you at home after hospitalization
  When my co-worker was ready to return home from a long hospitalization, we wanted to prepare meals

Use a nutcracker to open jars bottle caps
  Use an ordinary nutcracker to remove bottle caps from catsup, dressing, syrup, and any other twist

Have a cook-a-thon
  One day a month, get the family or friends together to cook four weeks of meals at one time. Freez

Prep Taxi� safely carries food from cutting board to pan or bowl
  The Prep Taxi� is a unique scoop allows you to slice, dice, and chop food in preparation for cooki

Adhesive hook keeps brooms, shovels, etc. upright
  Keep brooms, mops, and tools in order with the Mop & Broom Hook. It uses its own adhesive to make i

Place eating utensils at the end of a buffet line to make carrying food easier.
  Put plates at the beginning of the buffet line and flatware at the end so people don't have to jugg

Verilux Portable UV-C Sanitizer
  Given sufficient intensity and exposure, UV-C light will kill most of the germs responsible for cau

Each time you bake cookies, squares or bars, freeze a few.
  154Each time you bake cookies, squares or bars, freeze a few. Then when company arrives, you'll ha

Identify diet drinks or decaf coffee with simple tricks
  When serving people with dietary restrictions, simple measures will make it easy to serve them with

Freeze liquids flat for easy storage
  If you use freezer bags to freeze soups, mother's milk, juicy fruit, or other foods that tend to co

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