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Light & Light Switch Accessibility Tips

Around the House Tips and Products


If you have trouble turning lights on or off due to arthritis, weak grip, balance issues, or another disability, you will find the tips and products in this section helpful.

For more tips on making your home more accessible,  look for Shelley's book, "Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier," available at a library or bookstore near you or at Amazon.com.

Tips & Products: Lights & Switches
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Good lighting reduces fatigue and the risk of accidents.
  Good under-cabinet lighting reduces fatigue in the kitchen...

Replace standard light switches with lighted ones
  To find the light switch in a dark room, replace regular switches with...

Shutting off the electricity in your home
  Show family members where the fuse box or circuit breaker is located in your home

Make it easier to reach light switches
  Use light swtitch extenders to make lights easier to turn on and off.

Replace lightbulbs before winter arrives
  Change lightbulbs BEFORE they burn out.

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