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Living Areas

Tips on All Around the House from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Whether you have mobility challenges, are blind or have low-vision, Deaf or hard of hearing, or find the limitations of aging or chronic illness make living in your home more difficult, you will find helpful tips and products in this section for making life easier.

For more tips, products, and strategies for making living in your home easier and more accessible, see "Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier," by Shelley Peterman Schwarz, available at a library or bookstore near you or at Amazon.com.

Tips & Products: Living Areas
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Transport testing & therapy materials with small pieces in a craft or tackle box
  Transport testing materials, therapy products, and items with small pieces in a container like a

Use plastic clothes baskets as toy boxes
  Plastic clothes baskets are lightweight and inexpensive "toy chests."

Use sheets to lay out dimensions of furniture on floor
  If your considering purchasing new furniture but are concerned that it might not fit , fold sheets

Trade chores with friends
  When possible, trade chores with a friend. For example: If your friend enjoys yard work...

Spring balanced Able Table� useable in almost any position
  This versatile table adjusts for use overhead, sitting up or lying down. Strong elastic straps hold

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