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Accessible Outdoor Spaces - Tips & Products

Tips on All Around the House from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Making your deck, patio, yard, or garden more accessible is easy with the tips and products featured in this section.

For more tips on making your home surroundings more accessible, look for Shelley's book, "Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier," available at a library or bookstore near you or at Amazon.com.

Tips & Products: Outdoor Spaces
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Sun Precautions® clothing protects sun sensitive skin
  For sun sensitive people, whether fair skinned or due to medication side effects...

SPF® sun protective clothing
  If you or someone you love has experienced skin cancer, you know the importance of

Plant a trellis or container garden
  Exercise your green thumb by planting a few of your favorite things in a trellis or...

Garden in raised beds
  If you use a wheelchair or painful conditions make it difficult to get up and down...

Use self-watering pots in your home or in the garden
  If you can�t water your plants every day, Gardener�s Supply Company offers unique self-watering pot

10 Ways to Make Outdoor Spaces More Accessible
  Shelley Peterman Schwarz shares her strategies for making decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces sa..

Use a coffee cup or mug as a digging tool in the garden
  If you have trouble grasping or holding traditional garden tools, try using a coffee cup or...

Mark your trowel for easy planting.
  If your garden trowel doesn't already have planting depth markings on the blade...

Making Outdoor Spaces Accessible
  There is something truly special about spending time on a deck or patio on a pleasant day. I though..

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