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Technology to Make Living with a Disability Easier

Tips on All Around the House from Meeting Lifes Challenges

Today there are thousands of products on the market that make living with a disability easier. Computers and related software do everything from speaking the printed page to the blind or those with low-vision to typing the words someone with a physical disability can only speak and everything in between. Search this section for tips and devices, simple and complex, portable or limitation due to aging safer, easier, and more independent.

For more tips, products, and strategies for making your home more accessible, see "Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier," by Shelley Peterman Schwarz, available at a library or bookstore near you or at Amazon.com.

Tips & Products: Technology
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QuickLink Pen makes notetaking as simple as a stroke of your hand
  If you have limited use of your hands or difficulty writing and need to take notes from reading mate..

Use an e-ticket for flying if you are a disabled traveler
  E-tickets offer many advantages to the traveler with a disability.

Avoid injury - take a break from the computer
  Reduce fatigue, repetitive strain injuries, myopia, and other computer use conditions by...

Eliminate wrist strain while using a computer mouse
  To eliminate wrist strain and make using a computer mouse easier, use an ergonomic mouse pad...

Talking newspapers for low-vision readers
  NFB-NEWSLINE® allows those who cannot read conventional newsprint to "read" newspapers...

Ask for devices that will make hospital stay more comfortable
  236 When you are in the hospital, there are several devices that may make your stay more comforta

Make bill paying easier - on-line
  If you have difficulting writing checks, keeping a balance in the checkbook, or you live in an area

Recycle or donate old cell phones
  Last week, my husband and I renewed our cell phone contract and we chose new cell phones. Then the

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