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Memory Tips for Making Life Easier™


Making Life Easier™ with Memory Loss

Memory loss can range from forgetting names, numbers and the little details in life to the special challenges of , and everywhere in between. If you or a loved one are finding remembering things more difficult, the tips, products, and strategies in this section will help to make life easier.

For more tips, strategies, and products, visit your favorite local or online bookstore to get a copy of Memory Tips for Making Life Easier™, by Shelley Peterman Schwarz.

Memory & Cognitive Issues
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Use sticky notes, (like Post-it® Notes) as reminders for EVERYTHING
  Use sticky notes, (like Post-it® Notes) as reminders for EVERYTHING

10 Strategies for Easier Remembering
  When life is busy, things to slip our minds. Here are ten strategies from Shelley Peterman Schwarz ..

Laminated all-purpose travel packing list
  Make one good general all-purpose list of the things you should pack in your suitcase...

Travel information sheet reassures those with poor short term memory
  If someone you love forgets or is unsure in unfamiliar travel situations, create a "cheat sheet."

Take note of what traveling companion is wearing.
  Airports, train and bus stations, ships, trains and large aircraft can be confusing places...

Attach earrings to watchband when traveling
  When traveling, attach your earrings to your watchband to make sure...

Use an e-ticket for flying if you are a disabled traveler
  E-tickets offer many advantages to the traveler with a disability.

Cues for locating the bathroom
  Use multiple cues and senses to keep memory sharp.

DIsplay photos as a memory tool
  Pictures, photos, greeting cards can help jog memories and stimulate conversation

Use picture software as a communication tool
  Attainment Company’s Picture Cue software aids communication for folks with speech and language prob..

Keep keys handy on magnetic hook
  Hanging keys on a magnetic hook keeps them handy when you need them.

Touchless faucets turn water on and off automatically
  A faucet with an electric eye that senses hands in front of it and turns the water on and off automa..

Number steps in a recipe to help a person with cognitive problems
  Help an individual with cognitive problems follow a recipe more easily...

Create a scrapbook of memories
  Collect information to help you relive vacation memories.

Keep children and confused adults from getting locked in
  Take a piece of tape and put it...

Use conversation starters to stimulate communication
  Help folks reconnect with the past

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