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Verilux Portable UV-C Sanitizer


Given sufficient intensity and exposure, UV-C light will kill most of the germs responsible for causing diseases in humans, including bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs.This technology is now being used in room-sized air cleaners and hand-held sanitizing light wands to sanitize non-washable items such as pillows, quilts, and mattresses, or surfaces such as bathroom counters, toilet seats, or cutting boards. Verilux has a portable germicidal wand that will easily slip into your purse or suitcase and give you the assurance that your office, auto, or hotel bedding and bathroom is germ free. For upholstered surfaces and bedding, simply turn the light on, and slowly wave the wand about four inches above and over the object you wish to sanitize, or hang the light in the bathroom, close the door, and leave for an hour and the room will be germ-free when you return. You will find UV-C sanitizing light wands at drug stores, housewares and travel departments or on-line. Range $60-$100. Verilux, Inc. 800-454-4408, www.verilux.com.

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