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Clear the air with personal air cleaner


If you have asthma or are chemically sensitive, a personal air filter may help you to get out and about more. The Personal Air Supply, manufactured by Wein Products, Los Angeles, CA, hangs from a chord around your neck and cleans the air your breath whereever you go. The corona discharge technology used in this pager sized device has been proven by independent testing to destroy toxic fumes, smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, even viruses and bacteria. A compact (7.5x 6.5 x 2.5)room sized model is great for work or when traveling. Specialty sizes available for auto, pet, or bathroom and kitchen use. Prices range from $35-$120. For a current list of products and sources, contact Wein Products Inc, 115 W. 25th St, Los Angeles CA 90007

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