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Ask for devices that will make hospital stay more comfortable


236 When you are in the hospital, there are several devices that may make your stay more comfortable: *If you have trouble changing your position in bed, ask to have a hospital bed trapeze installed above you. You�ll be able to reach up to turn your body more easily. *If you have trouble hearing on the phone, ask for a phone with an amplified receiver headset or bring one in from home. *If you must lie flat but would like to be able to read, ask to borrow a pair of special prism glasses from the OT/PT department. With these glasses, you can lie flat to read with the book resting on your chest. *And, if the height of the bathroom commode is not at a comfortable level, ask that a portable adjustable commode device be put on the toilet for your stay. *If you're going to be restricted to bed, take a reacher along with you or ask the hospital physical or occupational therapy department if you can borrow one during your stay.

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