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11 Tips for Making Life Easier from our Readers

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11 Miscellaneous Tips for Making Life Easier

This is a grab bag of miscellaneous tips gleaned over time and from my readers. No specific theme; I aim to make your whole life easier.

  1. To save time and energy at the clothing store, ask if you can purchase clothing "on approval" and try things on in your own home, with the understanding that later you can return what doesn't fit or look good. NOTE: Some stores only allow for store credit, so make sure you can return unwanted items for a full refund BEFORE you pay for them.
  2. If you are going somewhere that you know to be noisy (a loud concert, car races, hunting or firing range, even a loud restaurant), carry a pair of earplugs in your pocket. You will find earplugs (available at most drug stores) protect your hearing by dampening dampen the loud noises and protect your hearing while still allowing you to hear normal conversation. 
  3. Carry aspirin in your pocket or purse. Aspirin has been proven to lessen the effects of heart attack or stroke when administered right away while you wait for help to arrive. Also consider learning compression only CPR.
  4. If you hate the light leak around hotel drapes, carry a few spring type clothes pins in your suitcase to clip ill-fitting draperies together. Another option is to use the pants hanger (with clips) from the hotel closet. 
  5. If you have limited use of your hands, here is a tip to keep wax paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil, from popping out of the box and rolling away. On the end of most boxes is a perforated tab that when pushed into the box, keeps the roll in place. If your brand does not have this feature, punch a hole to create your own tab on each end of the box.
  6. Carry a few address labels with you so if you are at a department store or a trade show, you can quickly and easily provide your contact information for warranties, forms or contest entries.  In the absence of business cards, address labels are a good way to share contact information with a new acquaintance too.
  7. Do you sometimes find it hard to concentrate because there is too much going on around you? Busy environments, like rehab centers and outdoor concerts, can often over-stimulate the senses and put your brain on overload; if this happens to you, close your eyes and you will find concentrating on what you are doing will be much easier. 
  8. If you are physically disabled and swimming has been recommended for exercise, concentrate on kicking with your toes, the rest of the body will follow. Like that old adage says, “What we call little things are merely the causes of great things.” (Henri Frederic Amiel)
  9. Do you have trouble picking out new eye glasses because you cannot see without your glasses? Use your smartphone or digital camera to take pictures of you in different frame styles; if you cannot easily take a picture of yourself, have the store personnel do it for you. When you are finished trying on different pairs, put your glasses back on and look at the photos to see which ones you like best. Now why don't all eyeglass retailers offer this service to all their customers???
  10. If filling out checks is difficult for you due to a tremor or other disability, most stores have a rubber stamp that they can use to put the store name on the "Payable to" line; the clerk may even fill in the date and amount for you, leaving you to just sign your name. 
  11. To make transactions easier still, consider using a debit card; like a credit card but the payment is immediately deducted from your checking account. Carry a check register to record transactions if you like or keep your receipts to record amounts in your check register later. To make sure you do not inadvertently forget to record a transaction and overdraw your account, consider overdraft protection where money from your savings is transferred to your checking to cover any shortages. Also be sure your bank does not charge a fee for using the card or for using your card to get cash from an ATM machine. Debit cards are as safe as using a credit card; perhaps even safer, since the user is required to key in a PIN (personal identification number) at each transaction.

If you have any tips that make your life with chronic illness or physical limitations easier, please share them with me.
Email: Shelley@MakingLifeEasier.com.

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