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17 Ways to “Keep it Together” with Rubber Bands

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17 Ways to "Keep it Together" with Rubber Bands


Ever since I can remember, I have been using rubber bands to keep things together and organized.  However, since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I have found many more uses for the ubiquitous little rubber band. Here are a few unique and helpful ideas to make your life easier.

small meeting lifes challenges logo Around the House

  • If turning a doorknob is difficult, wind a few rubber bands around the largest part of the knob. It will increase the diameter of the knob and make it easier to grasp.
  • Wrap a rubber band around large or heavy containers for a safer grip. Jars, cans, and boxes are easier to grasp and you may not need both hands to retrieve the container. 
  • In the bathroom, it is helpful to wrap rubber bands around toothbrushes, hair brushes, shower wands, shampoo, conditioner, or lotion to make gripping them easier.
  • To prevent water from running down your arm when washing walls or windows, make a washcloth "bracelet" and keep it in place with a thick rubber band.
  • If you want to keep young children or confused adults out of a certain room, "child proof" it. To do this, take a sock, put it over the door knob and wind a rubber band tightly around the door knob. The rubber band keeps the sock from being pulled off. The doors are easily opened by adults who can squeeze the handles and turn them, but the socks just slide around the knob in a child's or confused adult’s grasp. 
  • Slip a sock over the end of a yardstick and secure it with a rubber band.  Then spray the sock with furniture spray.  Use the tool to dust behind appliances and furniture.
  • Put rubber bands around the cans and bottles of cleaning products you use.  Then slide a cloth under the rubber band so that when you go to clean, you have the rag you need.
  • Keep nails handy when doing projects by winding a rubber band around the hammer handle. Slip a few nails in between the rubber band and the handle.

small meeting lifes challenges logo Dressing & Grooming

  • Keep clothing like sun dresses or blouses with large neck openings, from falling off the end of plastic hangers by winding rubber bands around each end of the hanger.
  • Skirt or pants too tight in the waist?  Use a rubber band to expand the waistband.  Before you button the waistband, take a rubber band and thread it through the buttonhole. Then take one end of the rubber band and put it into the other, slipping the remaining loop over the button.
  • Wrap the ends of toe nail clippers with small rubber bands to make them easier to grasp. 

small meeting lifes challenges logo Miscellaneous

  • When you lay your knitting aside, wrap rubber bands tightly around the tips of the needles and none of your stitches will slip off.
  • A rubber band makes a good book mark. Just stretch it around the last page you read. This also helps you to keep the book open if your hand strength is impaired.
  • If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, wind a rubber band or two around it and you'll make it more difficult for a pick-pocket to remove it.
  • Objects like drinking glasses, remote controls, telephones, pens/pencils, walking sticks, will be easier to grasp and hang onto if they have rubber bands wound around them.
  • Put one or two rubber bands around each end of your car’s visor. Slide your toll, parking lot, and gas pump receipts, ATM slips, and carwash slips into the visor to keep them safe and out of the way.
  • You can also use a different number of rubber bands to distinguish between two different objects like salt and pepper shakers, medication containers, canned soups/canned fruits, or shampoo/conditioner.

Rubber bands!  Who knew they had so many uses?


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