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10 Strategies for Easier Remembering

Memory & Cognitive Issues
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10 Ways to Remember Almost Anything

When life is busy, it is easy for things to slip our minds.  Here are ten strategies from Shelley Peterman Schwarz for using lists, associations, rhymes, tunes, and stories to help make remembering easier.

 1. Do It Now

This is probably the most important memory enhancement technique. If you act immediately, you have no need to remember.

 2. Write it Down

Write notes, make lists, create “cheat sheets” and construct timelines.

 3. Visualize

Form a picture in your mind. Use your imagination to add humor, action or exaggeration.

 4. Create Rhymes and Tunes

Use rhyming words or create new words for familiar tunes to help you remember tasks, sequences, dates and facts.

 5. Make Up Stories

Link items together in your mind by putting them in story forms. (Remember how story problems helped you learn math?)

 6. Develop Acronyms

Using the first letter of each item you want to remember, create an acronym or funny phrase such as KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

 7. Make Associations

Relate new information to something you already know.

 8. Group Like Items Together

Organize your mind like a grocery or department store, with similar items or categories all in the same aisle.

 9. Divide and Conquer

When learning something new, break up the subject into manageable sections and concentrate on one section at a time.

 10. Retrace Your Steps Mentally

Walk backwards in your mind to retrieve a thought, remember where you left your coffee cup, remind yourself what you were looking for or recall what you wanted to do next.


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