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10 Tips for Making Grooming Easier

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10 Tips for Making Grooming Easier

Brushing your teeth, styling your hair, shaving, applying make up -- these are everyday actions that most people take for granted. When you use a wheelchair, have difficulty raising your arms, or gripping a handle, these every day tasks turn into challenges. Here Shelley Peterman Schwarz shares her favorite Tips for Making Life Easier for saving time and energy while grooming.

1. Select a No-Fuss Hair Style

Whether long or short, talk with your hairstylist about a hairstyle that is easy for you to manage. Then schedule regular haircuts to be sure it stays that way.

2. Sit Down While Grooming

Conserve energy by sitting while grooming. Sitting also allows you to use the countertop as extra arm support when shaving, brushing hair and teeth, or applying make-up.

3. Attach a Telescoping Mirror to Wall Near the Bathroom Sink

The medicine chest mirror may be too high for children or people who sit in a wheelchair. Purchase a telescoping mirror that either clamps to the side wall of the vanity or sits on the top of the vanity counter. Telescoping mirrors feature adjustable, swivel-type necks that may easily be moved to various positions. One side has a regular mirror and the other side has a magnifying mirror, making it perfect for makeup application or shaving.

4. Get a Countertop Hair Dryer Stand

If you have difficulty blow drying your own hair, you may like a countertop hair dryer stand. With a stable base and moveable neck, you can easily insert your blow dryer handle into the cushioned holder at the top. By turning your head you can blow dry your hair, hands free, without having to grip or tire your arms. The stand’s bendable neck can be moved according to your height. Perfect for people who have trouble holding a dryer or have limited arm strength. May be helpful in drying hands too.

5. Use an Electric Toothbrush

If you have trouble brushing your teeth because of tremors or spasticity, purchase an electric toothbrush. The larger handle is easier to grasp while the weight of the toothbrush may improve your coordination and make brushing easier.

6. Make Flossing Easier with Flossers

Flossing is essential to a healthy body. Germs from the mouth can migrate to other areas. When floss is hard to handle, inexpensive flossers, little C-shaped swords make it easier to guide the floss between your teeth. The Flosbrush®, a flosser on a toothbrush style handle, allows for easy one-handed flossing. The slim handle design, angled neck and compact head, makes it easy to control and reach the back teeth. The AutoFlosser uses a rapid oscillating motion to floss between your teeth, removing plaque and odor-producing particles. About the same size as an electric toothbrush, the AutoFlosser has a wide handle that is easy to grip and maneuver into hard to reach places. Disposable floss bows (just throw them away after use) allow multiple users of this device.

7. Use an Electric Razor Especially If You Have Tremors

An electric razor will shave your skin without the risk of cuts and nicks. Be sure to test how they feel in your hand before purchasing. Or, nix shaving altogether with electrolosis.

8. Substitute a Wash Mitt or Scrubbie for a Heavier Washcloth

Kitchen cloths, wash mitts, and net scrubbies are all lighter and easier to grip that a standard bathroom wash cloth. Find which works best for you and stock up all over the house.

9. Use Soap on a Rope in the Shower

Hanging the soap from the shower head or around your neck keeps it within easy reach helping to prevent slips and falls.

10. Use Pump-Style Containers for Lotions and Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is easier to handle than bulky bars. Put the soap in a pretty pump-style container and your soap is always at your fingertips.

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