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10 Tips for Making Dressing Easier

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10 Tips for Making Dressing Easier

If you have the use of only one hand, limited reach, difficulty gripping or grasping, or you use a wheelchair, dressing can create challenges.  Choose clothing that's easy to put on and take off.  After all, when you look good, you feel better!

Purchase Clothing with Limitations in Mind; Wear What is Easy and Comfortable for You

1. Elastic waist pants are easier to get on and off than a fly front.
2. Raglan or dolman sleeves allow easier access than set in styles.
3. Zippers are easier than buttons, especially if you attach a shank-style button with a jewelers jump-ring to the little zipper tab.
4. Purchase clothing that does not need ironing, or iron only what shows like the collar of a shirt (under a sweater) or the front of a blouse (under a jacket).
5. If you have difficulty tying a necktie, try adjustable, pre-knotted zipper ties that loop over the head, under the shirt collar.
6. Choose shoes that slip on or have elastic or Velcro™ closures or make your lace up shoes tie-free with Zackaroos.
7. Use satin or tricot sleepwear that makes it easier to move in bed.
8. Use a cape instead of a jacket, especially if in a wheelchair.

Choose What You Wear Based on the Day's Activities

9. If you plan to be active (swimming for example), choose an easy-on, easy-off outfit with few buttons, zippers or ties.

10. If you will be traveling by train or plane, wear an outfit made of a silky fabric. The slippery fabric makes it easier to move when you want to change your position. The same is true if you are traveling in a car with upholstered seats.

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