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Coming & Going(5)
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Coping with Loss(11)
Deaf & Hard of Hearing(13)
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Doors, Locks & Keys(14)
Dressing & Grooming(19)
Eating & Drinking(7)
Employment Services(3)
Family & Friends(14)
Frustration & Anger(6)
Home Accessibility(11)
Home Safety & Maintenance(27)
Household Chores(9)
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Do you, or someone you love, face mobility, accessibility, or useability challenges in day-to-day life?

Our Tips for Making Life Easier™ database contains thousands of tips and products that may provide just the answer you are looking for. If searching through thousands of tips sounds overwhelming, never fear, we have made things easier for you by selecting our very best tips on various subjects and creating Top Tip lists. If you want to know how to make your kitchen more accessible; dressing, grooming, getting out and about, or even traveling easier; how to do something with one hand, limited sight, hearing, or walking ability; or anything else disability related, you will likely find the solution here. If you do not see what you are looking for, send us an e-mail at help@MakingLifeEasier.com and we will do our best to find the information you need.

Do you have a tip that has made your life easier?

Our community of people challenged by chronic illness, disability, and aging will be ever so thankful if you would share the lessons, tips, and strategies you have learned to make life easier. Share your tip, and we'll send you a FREE e-book!

Feel free to print Tips for Making Life Easier™ tip lists for future reference or to share with a friend. If you would like to use our tip lists in newsletters, support group meetings, or community newspapers or other publications (print or online) see our reprint policy below.

Reprint Policy: Permission is granted to individuals, support groups, and non-profit agencies to reprint our Tips for Making Life Easier™ tip lists in their entirety (including all contact and copyright information) for hand-outs, and in newsletters and other non-commercial media. For commercial reprint information, print or Web-based, please contact Meeting Life's Challenges at 608-824-0402 or e-mail Shelley@MeetingLifesChallenges.com

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